Help available for thousands of MSCS students experiencing homelessness, housing insecurity

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — New school data shows that as of October 7, 2022, 1,504 Memphis-Shelby County Schools students were experiencing homelessness.

That’s nearly a 180-percent increase from the fall of 2021 when the number of students experiencing homelessness stood at 538.

By November 2022, MSCS reported that over 1,600 students experiencing homelessness and their families had been provided services to help those students continue their education.

Even though so many students had been helped, school officials believe there are many more students experiencing housing insecurity who have not been identified.

To ensure those students have the ability to continue their education, the school district said that MSCS provides enrollment assistance, transportation, school supplies and uniform vouchers as well as housing/rental assistance referrals made to MIFA and CSA.

Memphis-Shelby County Schools said they also have a collaboration with MIF to support families in various hotels and shelters with tutoring and evening meal programs.

Also provided, MSCS said, are ARP Wraparound Services Advisors to ensure access to district and community supports, ARP Transition Specialists to train school staff and connect families to in-district supports and services, continued check-ins with parents regarding attendance/enrollment and changes in living arrangement, collaboration with ELL to ensure enrollment and support of migrant students and onboarding and training for YHDP funded System Navigator.