Help for rent available in Mississippi, but hard to find

TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. — A new study by the United Way finds that more than 31 percent of Mississippians don’t qualify for federal help but still need help paying the bills.

That’s where a program called Ramp or Rental Assistance For Mississippians comes into play. Bu,t as FOX13 found out, getting assistance can be difficult. One of the problems that we found with rental assistance information in Mississippi is that finding the information can be hard.

”Well, clearly there have been a number of programs that have come out in the last year and a half and we, as a state, are implementing those and trying to get those monies in the hands of those that are entitled to them and we are making progress there,” Governor Tate Reeves said.

We caught up with Governor Tate Reeves. He told us that programs like Ramp can help. While FOX13′s Tom Dees found out the program can help with up to 15 months for those impacted by COVID, Marshall County NAACP President Rodney Lowe said word about the program just hasn’t gotten out there.

”Well, actually, we as an organization just heard about the Ramp program. We did some investigating. Our sources in City Hall just informed us that the city got certified for the Ramp program today but before now we had never even heard the program was out there and it was available for folks,” Lowe said.

Some of those helping administer the program in the state have called the process of applying for Ramp online hard because it requires as many as 7 documents including identification, lease agreements and income information. Still, Lowe said he sees the benefit the money could bring.

”I am sure, during a time of a pandemic and as a country, the majority of the population can work 40 hours a week and still be in poverty and will help them in their rent. So, it will be a great blessing,” Lowe said.

Rolanda Lester runs a pantry in Holly Springs. She said rent is a huge struggle for many people she helps.

”So, by the time they pay their rent and utilities, they don’t have money left for food. That’s why we provide those things for them,” Lester said.

Click here for the link to the Ramp Assistance for Mississippians website.

If you need help in person with your application you can go to the Tunica County Community Development Center at 1097 Antioch Street in Tunica County.