Here are the alternate routes to get you around the I-40 bridge closure

MID-SOUTH — The I-40 bridge connecting Tennessee and Arkansas continues to be closed after ARDOT crews found a structural crack on Tuesday afternoon.

The indefinite closure of the bridge will significantly impact drivers’ morning and afternoon commutes.

PHOTOS: I-40 Bridge closed after crack discovered

FOX13′s traffic center has mapped out your alternate routes.

Arkansas I-40 eastbound traffic should take Exit 5 to Interstate 55 to cross the Mississippi River into Memphis.

Tennessee I-40 westbound traffic should take the I-55 Bridge across the Mississippi River to cross into Arkansas and then take Exit 4 to access I-40 westbound.

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The I-55 bridge is the only way to quickly get around the I-40 bridge closure. There are other ways to cross the Mississippi River but will be much farther for drivers who use the I-40 bridge on a daily basis.

Because more drivers will be taking the I-55 bridge for the time being, expect significant delays each morning and night.

One way to cross the Mississippi River is by going up to Caruthersville, MO and taking the I-155 bridge through Dyersburg, Tennessee. That’s 90 miles north of the I-40 bridge.

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Drivers could also take the Highway 49 Bridge through West Helena, Arkansas. That route would take drivers 70 miles south of the I-40 bridge.

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