Here’s how to avoid delayed unemployment payments

WATCH: Here’s how to avoid delayed unemployment payments

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — While unemployment claims are going down in Tennessee, thousands of people are still waiting to receive their benefits.

So far, the state has paid out more than $6 billion in unemployment claims.

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There are things applicants can do to avoid delayed payments.

When you are logging Job4TN.Gov, make sure to avoid leaving out any important information that could slow down your claim.

Chris Cannon, a spokesman with the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, said it can take 10 days to two weeks to process your claim right now IF you follow the steps required.

“Really read the question, answer that correctly and provide all the documents that are requested,” said Cannon. “Someone who can go in there and answer all of the questions correctly, provide all the correct documents and really raise no red flags.”

If your claim does raise red flags, it just adds to the list of countless other claims facing the same problems.

“When that is the case, that’s tens of thousands of claims that need to be looked at, and now you’re in line with all those people, so that’s definitely going to slow your claim down,” Cannon said.

Cannon said right now the department is seeing about 10,000 claims per week. At the height of the pandemic, they received 125,000 claims in one week; that’s more than a decade’s worth.

He added that the best times to call the state to check on your unemployment are early mornings, after 4:30 or the weekends.

Cannon said right now there are more resources for those call centers and more people are working on unemployment now than any other time during the pandemic.