High school athlete reacts to first Friday without football

Watch: High school athlete reacts to first Friday without football

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s Friday afternoon.

For Kirby senior Kaleb Almo this usually means a few hours away from competing under the Friday Night Lights.

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“It’s Friday and it’s another Friday gone by,” Almo said. “To us it’s just another Friday to a lot of people it’s a gameday.”

Gameday isn’t an option right now for SCS football players since the district announcing Tuesday the postponement of fall sports until further notice.

Almo said his teammates got the news while on the practice field.

“I just watched them walk out this stadium with their heads down,” Almo said. “Sad. I see the emotions, thinking they’re fitting to get a last chance to play football and it’s just taken away from them now.”

Possible opportunities to shine in front of college scouts have been taken away.

“They want to go to college,” Almo said. “Some parents, you know, we don’t have the money and all that. So we feel like an offer, a scholarship offer would help all that. It would put all that out the door.”

Almo is more fortunate compared to others since he has a few offers. Still, he was looking forward to attracting even more attention as a senior.

“Yes the recruiting has slowed down and I do feel like I can get more offers as well,” he said. “The calls haven’t been coming in. It’s been slowing down.”

Almo said there were ideas discussed with SCS teams to help that included games within an SCS bubble, a spring season and opportunities to play AAU ball.

For Almo, nothing can take the place of live-action in recruiting.

“We can easily do a combine but if you in a game showing your strength, your power, your speed in a game, that plays a big role in recruitment,” he said.

Almo could hear people who said football shouldn’t be the end all be all. He agreed it isn’t but it is one more option that so people many need.

“Trust me we understand that football is not the only way but to us football is another door to success,” he said. “It’s not just the only way. Football can open up many doors.”