Hiring event held as workers get sick from COVID, call outs cause shortages

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Callouts after workers get sick from, or come in contact with, COVID-19 continue to cause shortages at businesses.

A hiring event for the United States Postal Service was one of a number of events being held in recent weeks as employers look for qualified workers to fill the ranks.

Bundled in scarves and jackets, dozens of people, on a cold Saturday morning, lined up outside the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library in East Memphis, hoping to be hired by the U.S. Postal Service, one of a number of employees looking for qualified workers amid shortages caused by the spreading of coronavirus.

“I’ve been in childcare a long time and I think I probably need to change because I’m getting older,” said Sharon Banks-Wilson. “I caught COVID at one of the daycares I work at and it was a hard strain for me.”

The Southland Casino, this week, also held a hiring event, with two more scheduled as its owners expand into a new $250 million complex, hoping to hire at least 400 people.

Worker callouts amid the most recent surge of COVID-19 soar, with some businesses even struggling to stay open as a result.

“We take chances every day. I’ve gotten vaccinated, so you’ve just got to trust,” said Patricia Curtis, who said she trusts her health to a higher power.