Homeowner warns of ‘bounty hunters’ after 3 strangers demand to be let into his home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A warning from one homeowner to be on alert for a team of bounty hunters who might not be real or don’t provide enough identification.

Jerry Anthony told FOX13 three strangers came to his home last week, claiming to be law enforcement, demanding to enter his home and frightening his child.

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Anthony said they knocked on this window to his son’s room and asked Anthony to open the front door to use his cell phone. 

Anthony told them “no. I will not let you use my cell phone.  I will not open the door.”

Anthony said he became concerned and grabbed his gun.  The situation could have turned violent.  

“At this time I am armed.  And they are outside and they are armed. So I push the door back up and go to disarm myself.  And I go back and open up the door” said Anthony as he asked the people outside what they wanted.

Anthony told FOX13 the two men and a woman identified themselves as fugitive apprehension.

FOX13 has confirmed they were neither Shelby County Deputies nor Memphis Police Officers.

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“They start telling me they are looking for a guy named Ronnie Hughes.  I tell them I am not Ronnie Hughes” said Anthony.

Anthony said the people at his door showed him a picture of Ronnie Hughes from the Shelby County Sheriff’s website under warrant search for failure to appear in a misdemeanor case. 

FOX13 found the same picture of Hughes when we checked. Anthony said he doesn’t know Hughes, never meet him and are not friends.

FOX13 called the Collierville Court Clerk’s Office and discovered Hughes is wanted on an outstanding warrant for violating parole for shoplifting.  An employee at the clerk’s office told FOX13 the bonding company that posted the $1125 bond for Hughes is the All in One Bonding Company.

FOX13 spoke to an employee of All in One Bonding Company who said she would look into it but doesn’t owe us an explanation.

Anthony said he believes the three people that came knocking at his door might have been bounty hunters but can’t be certain about their intention.

“I don’t have any names. I don’t know anything about these people,” said Anthony.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office told FOX13 if a situation like this ever happens, ask for identification and credentials before opening the door.  

If you are still suspicious, call 911 and ask for a patrol car to come to your home to investigate.