Horn Lake officials discuss banning fireworks

HORN LAKE, Miss. — The city of Horn Lake is the only city in the Horn Lake area where you can legally shoot fireworks. That is for now.

FOX13 found out lighting that fuse could soon be illegal after the city got a record number of complaints this Fourth of July weekend.

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City leaders said the city got a record 175 fireworks-related calls including noise complaints, criminal complaints and fires.

Ward 3 Alderman Jackie Bostick first brought up the idea of a ban. FOX13 was told if he didn’t bring it up there were two other aldermen who would have proposed the ban.

Douglass Cunningham of Horn Lake said maybe just ban any bottle rockets or aerial displays.

“Them are the ones that cause fires shoot em up in the air and come down on folks toofs and stuff. They should ban them and let us shoot everything else,” Cunningham said.

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Trey Crossett of Horn Lake said making them illegal won’t stop a thing.

”I don’t like it. We had a lot of fun shooting off fireworks. It’s one thing we get to do every year,” Crossett said.

The board of Alderman is scheduled to take the issue up again on Tuesday, July 20th