Hospital workers show frustration with unvaccinated as COVID cases pile up

Memphis, Tenn. — Hospital workers say they are struggling and frustrated with the unvaccinated as the push to get more help continues.

Meanwhile, the number of people hospitalized around the area continues to break records.

One healthcare worker said, by the time patients make it to her floor, they ask for a vaccine, but she said, unfortunately, it’s too late.

“Sometimes we have the warning to get the family into the hospital to say their final goodbyes but a lot of times we don’t so my job is trying to hold up the nurses and try to keep them coming to work the next day because we desperately need to take care of patients,” said Kristen Bell; administrative director of nursing at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare.

Bell said monoclonal antibody therapy does give her some hope.

It’s used to treat mild or moderate COVID-19 within 10 days of the person’s first system.

Doctors say the treatment certainly helps but the vaccine is the best option.