Hospitals across the Mid-South continue to see a rise in COVID patients

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hospitals across the Mid-South continue to see a rise in COVID patients as the Delta variant dominates our viewing area.

Doctors with Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare say that 83 positive patients were hospitalized throughout the Methodist system as of Thursday morning.

As FOX13 has reported many times, they say most of their patients contracting the virus at hospitals are not fully vaccinated.

They’re trying to save people a trip to the emergency room by reminding patients the Delta variant is highly transmissible.

“It’s the most transmissible that we’ve seen at any point during the pandemic. Right now, we’re seeing our case numbers rise, and I anticipate that we’ll continue to see these case numbers rise,” said Dr. Shirin Mazumder, a Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital Infectious Disease Specialist.

Dr. Mazumder says a recent analysis from earlier this month shows 95 percent of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare covid patients admitted throughout the system were not vaccinated.

“It’s important in our community as we see our case numbers rising, we want people to get vaccinated so that they can best protect themselves,” she said.

Mazumder says her patients who wind up in the hospital wished they would have gotten vaccinated sooner.

“I have had patients that I have taken care of that have been admitted to the hospital, and they’re lucky enough to survive, and a lot of them are regretful that they didn’t get vaccinated. That they could have saved themselves a hospital admission,”

Some patients in other places across the country were not so lucky. One Doctor out of Alabama who’s making national headlines writes, “One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for a vaccine. I hold their hand, and I tell them I’m sorry, it’s too late,” said Dr. Brytney Cobia.