How to keep your Thanksgiving Zoom call from being hacked

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Because gathering as a family is strongly discouraged, many families plan to use Zoom to participate in a virtual Thanksgiving. This means hackers will probably be busy trying to Zoom bomb your family call.

Bjorn Townsend, a tech expert with CI Security, tells FOX13 there are simple things families can do to keep hackers away.

“You need to keep the passcode for that Zoom all secure,” said Townsend.

Townsend reminds people that the bigger the Zoom call, the higher the chance hackers may hack in, so it’s important that you don’t relax any security restrictions.

“The more people have the information to get into the meeting, the more likely it is that someone will use it inappropriately. If you want to avoid the zoom bombing problem, it’s really important that instead of relaxing the security, you work harder to educate your Zoom users,” said Townsend.

If you have members of your family who are older and don’t do well with technology, Townsend advises that you practice your family call with them first, that way you can help work out any technical issues that might happen.

“Practice really helps. It makes sure that they’re less stressed. They’ll be able to remember what they need to do and think more clearly because they kind of rehearsed it,” said Townsend.

That way, everyone is happy and you can enjoy a safe family gathering.

Zoom is also lifting their 40-minute limit on free calls, so you’ll have more time virtually with family members.