How long should you wear a mask?

WATCH: How long should you wear a mask?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland made it a requirement last week for people to wear face masks.

Medical experts are breaking down the best ways to keep your mask clean.

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Medical experts said if you wear a surgical mask, it is not to be worn two days in a row.

If you wear a handmade mask, you need to make sure you wash it or you could get sick.

Community leaders are making a big push to help low-income families get masks to protect themselves during this deadly pandemic.

On Friday, we introduced you to Apeeriday Miles.

She was wearing the same face mask for three months because she couldn’t afford new ones.

East Arkansas Family Health Center Medical Director Holli Banks said these surgical masks are not to be worn for several days in a row.

“They’re only meant to wear one time and we’re stretching it when we wear it the full day,” Banks said. “I understand that sometimes there’s decreased access but those are not meant to be warned for that period of time.”

Banks said she’s seeing a lot of people coming into her health center who are financially disadvantaged.

They don’t have stores close by to purchase masks.

Doctors are warning people that wearing the same one over and over can cause more harm.

“If they’re dirty it can have bacterial contamination of what’s on it,” Banks said.

Generette White who lives in Whitehaven said she’s thankful for the non-profit organization Making a Difference Inc.

She too was having to wear the same mask for a few months.

It wasn’t until Friday that she got new masks for her and her children.

“This is very much appreciated,” White said.

Health experts said these cloth masks only offer minimal protection but they’re better than not wearing anything.

If you are struggling to find masks, organizations like Making a Difference Inc is making them for children.

Also, contact your local state Representatives because we have found that they are giving them away.

You can also find them at local gas stations.