How Mississippi is preparing for the incoming ice storm

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — What are road crews and power crews doing before winter weather hits the Magnolia state?

FOX13 looked into what precautions are being taken, and what North Mississippians are concerned about. The DeSoto County roads department said that they just got a new load of salt and sand in to help get any ice off of the roadways.

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The roads department will first hit bridges and overpasses with salt and sand to help any ice melt off should it accumulate. DeSoto County Emergency Management is advising people to stay home if it ices up. DeSoto County’s Steven Jones agrees.

”People need to stay home. I mean, if you don’t have to go to work, stay home and stay off the roads. That’s what I’m gonna do,” Jones said.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation said they will use salt and sand as well to move ice off of the interstate if needed. Right now, they are concerned with DeSoto County and Tunica County.

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Salt and sand trucks will start running overnight Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Some are outfitted with plow blades to push any accumulation off the roads. Some drivers aren’t chancing it.

”Well, with all the ice they are predicting, it could be a lot of wrecks and a lot of wrecks and fatalities,” Deatra Douglas said.

As for power, Entergy said they have moved more crews into North Mississippi to deal with any power loss caused by the storm.

”Well, I am concerned with the freezing and the damage it might do. And, I hope it does all they say it’s gonna do but we just have to trust in the Lord,” Pastor Thermon Glasper of Nesbit said.