How a local tea house is helping Orange Mound women Level Up

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An East Memphis, devout Presbyterian, ended her mission work in Africa and India to follow a call to serve right here in Memphis.

She and her family build a house in Orange Mound, a place she knew nothing about, until her mission and calling became helping women Level Up in their own community.

Carey Moore, the founder of My Cup of Tea, told FOX13 the spirit moved her, her family’s hard earned money and about 25 of her church friends to Orange Mound.

“The lord told me to move to a neighborhood. John 1:14... the need to be where Jesus is invariably where the poor are,” Moore said.

They started My Cup of Tea and put women from Orange Mound to work in a beautifully renovated nearly 100 year old house.

They do it all from packaging the teas, sewing gift bags and selling retail items to working in the wood shop to make gift boxes and working in the yard.

Through prayer and hard work, give each group exactly what they came her for.. beyond a job and a mission.

They sell black teas, green, rooibos, with names like Bluff City Chai, Riverboat Queen, Orange Mound Front Porch and Memphis After Dark Chocolate Mint. To celebrate Valentine’s Day they also have special gift boxes.

“I have found that conciliation among my generation came when we were transitioning from what we knew we’d been taught wrong into how do we repair and build a bridge," Moore said.

If you would like to donate or purchase items from My Cup of Tea, click here.