How safe was your Easter celebration?

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — Last week, the CDC issued Easter guidelines right down to how to go about having an Easter egg hunt, including advising people to wear masks and be socially distanced.

Lonzo Caldwell of Coldwater told FOX13 he is concerned because he says he is certain people did not keep their distance.

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“I think that people should be concerned because of the gatherings and because this is a serious matter,” he said.

Some folks told FOX13 they are seriously concerned about Easter get-togethers spreading the virus.

“Get-togethers I don’t think would help matters at all,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell told FOX13 he saw many people without masks and said they were way too close to each other.

Ruth Bennett of Walls, Miss. said she saw just the opposite, and she believes there is little to worry about.

" No concerns,” she said. “From what I saw, everyone was wearing their masks and keeping their social distancing.”