How will 90,000 potential voters in DeSoto County practice social distancing?

WATCH: How are 90,000 possible voters in DeSoto County going to social distance?

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — DeSoto County expects a record turnout with as many as possibly 90,000 people showing up at the polls to vote on Election Day.

We told you about some of the precautionary measures county election leaders planned for voting locations to keep you safe.

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Some voters said the precautions are impressive but the big crowds could be avoided.

Lisa Kyle of Olive Branch shared that she likes what she sees in preparation for election day.

“My thought is it is really important to get out and vote right now," Kyle said. "We have to do it. So put on your mask and I like the plexiglass and I love that they are making it safe for people to vote.”

Kyle also said that the potential for crowds could have been avoided by the State. "The thing that is concerning to me is in Mississippi we don’t have early voting so if you had early voting you wouldn’t have so many people at one time trying to vote.

Sally Hermsdorfer a retired US Government teacher said she already voted absentee and will miss the big crowds.

“I used to teach my kids to go vote and the only thing I would change about now is to do it safely. If you have a chance to vote early do it, they are working on making mail trustworthy but don’t stay home because you are afraid.” Hermsdorfer said.