Hundreds pour on to Beale for Silky O’Sullivan’s St. Patrick’s Day May

Memphis, Tenn. — Getting back to business on Beale.

That was the mission Saturday as the iconic street hosted its first major event in over a year since the pandemic started.

Silky O’Sullivans hosted its St. Patrick’s Parade which was canceled last year.

PHOTOS: Hundreds pour on to Beale St. for 47th Silky O’Sullivan St. Patrick’s Parade

The event was approved by the Shelby County Health Department and social distancing and wearing masks was encouraged.

FOX13 was there as hundreds of people lined all down Beale Street. Many of these people weren’t wearing masks.

Keep in mind this is the first weekend of May. So, usually, this would be a time where thousands of people would be downtown for the Beale Street Music Fest.

The parade is a way to get people out and get business going again.

FOX13 spoke to a handful of people on Beale visiting from out of town, so the attraction of Beale Street showed out Saturday.

Deederick Hamilton is visiting from Texas. He said he felt safe despite the large crowds.

“For the most part I think everybody’s getting their shots so I don’t think it’s an issue with that as much,” Hamilton said. “Everybody is still taking precautions necessary. I have my mask in my pocket right now and when you go places everybody uses their mask so I think it’s great.”

Kimberly Canning, who is visiting from Florida, said it felt good to be out after a long year of staying indoors.

“It is absolutely fantastic to be out,” Canning said. “It’s a beautiful day. Everybody’s happy. It’s St. Patrick’s Day for everybody today and we’re showing the joy and the love.”