Neighborhood works together to bring down burglar

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — “I screamed to my husband,” said Evelia Rubio.

She’s recalling the burglary police said had been caused by Jabari Cox on Wednesday.

“And he got out and we tried to chase him but we wasn’t able to,” said Rubio.

Rubio said her family tried to catch Cox before he could leave with stolen belongings. She said this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

" They tried to break into my house,” said Rubio.

But, with some luck and a good neighbor, there was hope to get back what was stolen.

Residents alerted the husband about Cox when he stole $1,600 worth of belongings and the husband chased Cox down, tackling him outside of a phone store on Macon Road. According to an affidavit, there were several items stolen including power tools, a shop vac, and a surge protector.

That neighbor was Elton Griggs.

He alerted Evelia’s husband when he heard his dogs go crazy all because Cox tried to recover his phone from the scene of the burglary.

“He was brave,” Griggs said describing Cox attempting to come back to the residence, “He would leave and then turn around and come back and he would say ‘Where’s my cellphone? Where’s my cellphone?’”

Cox could be seen approaching the house once again from what Griggs witnessed.

“And then he’d go get something else and then he broke the big window back there and that’s when things got really hostile,” said Griggs.

After returning to the scene, Rubio’s husband chased down Cox and caught him before police could arrive.

Although Cox has been taken in, Rubio said it’s still a lot to process.

“After this accident, at night if they hear a tiny bit of noise and they’re like ‘Mommy is there someone outside?’” said Evelia.

Other items returned included a bank card, a Home Depot card, and a Bank of America card.

Cox will have a video arraignment scheduled for Nov. 29th.

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