Husband of missing Cordova mom charged with murder, court records say

The husband of Taquila Hayes, a Cordova mother who has been missing since last year, has been indicted, according to court records.

FOX13 has extensively covered the evidence and information surrounding this case for months.

In September of 2019, FOX13 reported that the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office had no reason to believe was alive and well.

43-year-old Carl Hayes has been charged and indicted with Second Degree Murder and Tampering with Evidence.

Monday morning, six months after Taquila Hayes’s mother, Roberta Nutall reported her daughter missing, she was there as Carl Hayes was arrested at the Juvenille Court building - at a custody hearing for his and Taquila’s son.

FOX13 spoke to Nutall after the indictment. She said it has been a long hard road to get to this point, but now that her son-in-law has been arrested, she said the journey to justice has only just begun.

“No matter what happens, I can’t get my daughter back. I’ll never get my daughter back,” Nutall said.

A copy of the indictment says “between May 20, 2019 and August 9, 2019 in Shelby County, Tennessee and before the findings of the indictment, did unlawfully and knowingly kill Taquila Hayes.”

His bond has been set at $2 million.

“I was full of mixed emotions. I was happy. I was a little sad,” Nutall told FOX13.

Authorities said Taquila Hayes worked as a nurse at Methodist North Hospital but hasn’t been seen at work since May 21 of 2019.

The sheriff's office also told FOX13 Hayes "left without the things a person would normally take with them."

Hayes's phone, car and other personal items were left behind.

Nutall said the behavior of her son-in-law Carl Hayes was unusual.

“He gave us motive," Nutall said. "When I asked him where was my child, instead of answering me directly, he told me all this stuff that has transpired over the years: this, that, and the other.”

FOX13 was there last August when detectives and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation searched Carl and Taquila Hayes’ home.

The warrant signed and issued gave investigators permission to search the home for firearms, accessories, ammunition, computers, receipts and other items.

In previous reports, Carl said he threw away Taquila’s belongings. When Detectives searched Taquila’s car, they also noticed a new carpet.

He also admitted that since Taquila’s disappearance, he switched the SIM card in her cell phone and pretended to be his wife in communications with others.

“Six months ago, sitting in this exact position, you told me point blank, Carl Hayes killed my child,” Nutall said. "Carl Hayes killed my child. I’m telling you that today.”