I-40 bridge closure impacting truckers, causing shipping woes

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Drivers were forced to go another way Tuesday morning as the I-40 bridge was shut down.  

It caused big headaches for a lot of people coming into Memphis as some of them ended up just waiting on the interstate during a busy commute.

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Leroy Handy was one of the drivers who left early because he really didn’t know what to expect, “It is going to be crazy because now I’ve gotta leave early to get to work, I’ve gotta be to work early today, but I think I’m going to be a little late trying to get through traffic this morning,” said Leroy Handy.

He was among the roughly 41 thousand drivers who make use of the I-40 bridge each and every day, now forced to use the I-55 bridge to get into The Bluff City.

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“I work over here in South loop, I came around to get on 55 it took me thirty minutes just to get to the red light to the bridge here to 55 because of all the traffic coming back to get down it was congested like there was no tomorrow,” said Clayton Jennings.

It may be weeks even months of congestion for drivers who are already preparing to leave a lot earlier if they have to travel from Arkansas into Memphis.

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“I started getting news alerts on my phone saying they were going to bring in drones to have everything inspected snd I guess that will tell them if they can let people use it while it’s being fixed or if it has to stay shut down until it’s fixed so but hopefully, it won’t take long,” said Jennings.

We were along I-55 in West Memphis Tuesday morning to see traffic back up and at points during the morning commute, the interstate became a parking lot.

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