‘I am just so happy’: Former Clarksdale Mayor on decision to redesign MS state flag

WATCH: 'I am just so happy': Former Clarksdale Mayor on decision to redesign MS state flag

CLARKSDALE, Miss. — In 2001 Clarksdale Attorney Bill Luckett and his business partner, Morgan Freeman were part of a campaign to try to change the Mississippi state flag. That vote failed.

Monday morning, former Clarksdale Mayor Bill Luckett spoke to FOX13 about seeing the state flag be redesigned following a two-decades-long fight.

Mayor Bill Luckett said he had the flag taken down at the city hall in 2015 because it was so divisive.

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“I took the flag down with an executive order when I was mayor because the flag offended a lot of people, a lot more than a majority here in the community,” Luckett said.

At the time Luckett was only the second mayor in the state to take that action. He said that while the two-decades-long fight seems like a long time, he expected it to take up to fifty years.

“This flag has been around and it has been in a lot of our population’s faces for almost 125 years,” said Luckett. “I am just so happy. Our legislators took the right position here.”

The former mayor said that Mississippi is the hospitality state and now with the flag gone there can finally be a sense of hospitality for everyone.

“It’s huge and it just puts an end to an era with a flag problem that we all have,” he said.

As for what the design of the new Mississippi flag will be, Luckett said he thinks that possibly something with a magnolia on it.