‘I love her:’ 5-year-old boy reunited with his 101-year-old great grandmother at special Easter egg hunt

Memphis, Tenn. — During the past year, the pandemic has kept people apart.

It’s been especially tough for those who have loved ones in nursing homes.

But with the power of vaccinations, people are slowly starting to come back together again.

At Quail Ridge Assisted Living Facility in Bartlett, residents were able to reunite with their loved ones for an Easter egg hunt in the facility’s backyard on Saturday.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun. A lot of people are going to get eggs because they’re all around outside,” 5-year-old Hudson Rowell said.

It’s the first time Rowell has seen his great-grandmother Evelyn in over a year.

“It’s just been a long time since I’ve seen her, and I love her,” he said.

A COVID-19 survivor herself, Evelyn will turn 101-years-old in June.

“It’s very special that we were finally able to not talk through a window and be able to hold her hand,” Evelyn’s son Dave Shirmans said.

For Shirmans, it means precious time spent with his mom face-to-face.

“She can still tell us she loves us and things like that. She knows everyone, which is good,” he said.

Those with the assisted living facility said because all their residents have been fully vaccinated, they were able to re-open visitation.

“It means everything,” executive director of the faculty Dawn Blankenship said. “It’s been very hard having them apart and has been very difficult for our residents. So, this is really amazing.”

Heartwarming reunions and priceless moments.

For Evelyn’s family, it’s an Easter to remember.

“You can tell it’s definitely brightened her day that we’ve been able to come and visit,” Shirmans said.

Earlier this week, the Tennessee Department of Health said one million people have been fully vaccinated in the state.

Because of this, nursing homes around the state are able to allow more in-person visits.