‘I thought it was the end of the world’: Grass fire grows out of control in Olive Branch

OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. — With Thursday’s threat of severe storms, including rain and windy conditions, grass fires remain a concern in Mississippi.

On Tuesday, FOX13 told you about how dangerous it is to burn anything outside when winds are extremely high. DeSoto County is under a Red Flag Warning.

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Wednesday, we learned more than half a dozen homes in Olive Branch were threatened by fire Tuesday as the wind pushed a grass fire out of control.

Diane Sparks said that her husband grabbed a hose and started fighting the fire before firefighters got there because the fire was spreading rapidly.

”It was very scary. We came out. It was blazed up and smoked up, and you don’t know what to do at that point or to run. But where do you run to when the whole neighborhood was on fire? It was crazy out here. I thought it was the end of the world,” Sparks said.

Sparks showed FOX13′s Mississippi reporter Tom Dees pictures of the fire in Pleasant Ridge Estates Tuesday. In a matter of minutes, it burned the yards of 15 homes. Firefighters had to pull into a backyard to put a burning fence out.

”They pulled up in the yard and started to put that out, and by that time, it was traveling, going this way, and they were trying to stop it, but the wind was so heavy the blaze just picked up,” Sparks said.

Jerry Ellis ran door to door, warning neighbors about the fire.

”One of the firemen said we were lucky none of the houses caught on fire. The wind was blowing good yesterday, but not as hard as today. They had four fire trucks and a lot of firemen. So, that’s what got the fire out in a hurry,” Ellis said.

Olive Branch’s fire department said the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but if someone’s carelessness started it, that person will face charges.