Illegal dumping issues in Tunica County create call for new solid waste site

WATCH: Illegal dumping issues in Tunica County

TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. — Tunica County officials have been struggling with illegal dumping for years.

According to Tunica County Road Manager Joe Eddie Hawkins, one of the worst places for illegal dumping in the county is right where the sign says, “No dumping by order of the board of supervisors.”

“We are determined to stop all of this illegal dumping,” Hawkins said.

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Hawkins told us that one of the problems is contractors dumping debris from construction sites in dumpsters that the county puts out for household garbage for residents.

“What has happened is they know that we have these dumpsters and they are in remote areas, and they just come in and are able to dump construction debris and tires and whatever and they would have to pay to dispose of it,” he said.

So, the county put up deer trail cameras. They said they caught the contractors in the act.

FOX13 obtained photos, which can be viewed in the video above.

We are not showing the contractor’s faces because they haven’t been to court yet.

“Four of those individuals will be charged $500, and that is the fine we have,” Hawkins said. “The signs at the site clearly say no dumping by order of the board of supervisors, and they are still dumping debris. Those individuals are from other counties like Tate and Quitman.”

Hawkins told us the other problem is with people just dumping large piles of trash randomly on the side of the road.

The county is working to establish a central solid waste site for that.

“We are really working trying to change the way we are collecting solid waste here in Tunica County, he said.

A new solid waste disposal plan and site in Tunica County should go into effect in October, ridding the county of the dumpsters and the problem they have become.