Increase in temperature raises risk of heat exhaustion

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The temperature is rising outside and so are the risks of heat exhaustion.

“We really gotta pay attention to what’s going on with our bodies right now,” Dr. Dale Criner from the Memphis Medical Society said. “When it’s as hot as it is right now.”

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Criner said heat exhaustion isn’t something to play with. It can lead to serious health issues.

“Things like kidney failure,” he said. “You can actually damage your brain from that. So these are serious medical problems, and we really can’t take it lightly whenever the heat is as strong as it is right now.”

Criner said signs of heat exhaustion include muscle cramps in the calves and forearms.

He said this can progress to heavy sweating and dizziness.

Criner added that those under 4 years old and over 65 are at most risk.

He said there are things you can do to stay safe.

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“Wear loose-fitting and lightweight clothing. Avoid the excess clothing,” he said. “Avoid the dark clothing. Make sure you’re wearing sunscreen. Drink plenty of fluids if you think you’re going to be out for a length of time make sure you pre-hydrate.”

Criner said heat precautions also apply to your pets.

“That’s why you see animals sometimes laying in the shade to avoid the heat,” he said. “They’re trying to stay out. They’ve got some sense. They know whenever it’s a 104 index outside they don’t need to be out there.”


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