Infiniti coupes are popular target for carjackers in Memphis, police say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis driver says she’s traumatized after being carjacked in the middle of the street in Cooper-Young.

Memphis police told FOX13 the woman drives a very popular vehicle among carjackers, and there’s a reason crooks target cars like hers.

Cameron Denine’s car was a 2010 Nissan Altima coupe similar to the Infiniti G35. Tuesday night, she experienced something she won’t soon forget.

“They were at the end of the street waiting,” Denine told FOX13. “I turned right onto my street, and I pulled behind this truck right here, and they immediately pulled up right next to me. Three guys, all in ski masks, jumped out of the car.”

Denine said they all drew guns on her.

“I just kept saying, ‘I don’t have anything,’” she said.

She said the men would not let her leave though she told them they could have whatever.

“The only thing I was thinking of the whole time was if they were going to kill me or if they were going to take me with them,” Denine said.

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Denine was driving her 2010 Nissan Altima coupe. It is very similar to the Infiniti G35 and G37 coupe.

On the street, they call them ‘fin fins’ — it stands for Infiniti.

Memphis police say carjackers love the G35 Infiniti coupe and Dodge Chargers.

A sergeant with Memphis police said crooks not only like driving them, but they’re also easy to steal.

FOX13 noticed the pattern. Story after story we’ve told you about – from high-speed police chases to car thefts to carjackings – many of them involved Infiniti coupes.

“So, like, I crouched down and, like, waited for them to leave. And then I went and knocked on my neighbor’s door,” Denine said.

The men drive off in her car, and though severely traumatized, she said she’s thankful they spared her life.

“They had my phone, but they ended up throwing it down the street. So she called the cops for me and then did the ‘Find My Phone’ for me, and we tracked it right down the street. So I just went picked up my phone after that, after the cops got here,” she said.

Denine’s plate number is 7T7-9N1. She told FOX13 she had paid off her car but unfortunately does not have insurance.

She’s looking for anyone in her neighborhood who may have cameras that captured the event. So far, she hasn’t had luck finding any.

Security consultants say one of the things that make the Infiniti so easy to steal is that a crook using an app can program a key right on the spot and can be in your vehicle and gone in no time.

FOX13 went to Sound Waves on Highway 64 where they install security systems on vehicles. They said there are two routes you can go. One is a tracker. It’ll cost you about $350. But there is a $130 a year subscription that goes with it

Or they say you can go with a full package security system. It’ll cost you about $700. However, there is no subscription you have to pay with it. They said they often install them on infinities as well as Chargers.