Inspection report reveals overall condition of Serenity Towers is ‘very poor’

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Over the last month, FOX13 has heard straight from the residents of Serenity Towers as they have dealt with no air conditioning, mold, bed bugs, and more.

Thursday, the City of Memphis released the findings from the most recent code enforcement inspections of the apartment complex.

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Mold, bed bugs, and damaged ceiling tiles were all listed in the report, which showed the issues aren’t just in the rooms.

The lobby had multiple problems. In fact, code enforcement said overall the condition of the property is ‘very poor’.

The report is based on inspections of water, heat and air conditions, and mold and bed bugs.

Thirty-seven units were Inspected in the West Wing.

The hot water, heat and air conditioning were not working in 35 of the units.

Seventeen of the units had stoves that were not working.

Seventeen also reported having bed bugs and mold.

Sixty-eight units were Inspected in the East Wing.

All 68 units inspected did not have hot water, heat or air conditioning.

Forty of the units had stoves that were not working.

Thirty-four of the units had mold, and thirty-six had bed bugs.

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The inspection report added that there was an unsanitary mildew-like smell in the lobby area of the building.

Added to all of those things., the building is extremely hot and poses a health hazard to the residents.

The temperatures are expected to be brutal next week.