Is it safe to dine-in at a restaurant?

WATCH: Is it safe to dine-in at a restaurant?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Dine-in or to go? It’s a tougher decision than ever before.

If you picked dine-in, new CDC data suggested you have a higher chance of catching COVID-19 over those who did not eat at a restaurant.

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“I’m feeling comfortable going to restaurants right now,” said Ebony Neely, a restaurant guest.

The CDC study found people who tested positive for COVID-19 were twice as likely to have dined at a restaurant within 14 days before getting sick.

The data did not detour Neely.

“They’re doing it to where they get the date you came, your name and number, so if they find out someone who came and even their workers test positive, they will call you. They’re doing the best they can,” said Neely.

The study looked at 314 adults across several states.

Of the group, 154 tested positive for COVID-19 while 160 tested negative.

“There was something over a two times risk of being a patient opposed to a noninfected person if they had eaten out at a restaurant over a non-infected person,” said Steve Threlkeld, MD/ Baptist Hospital Infectious Disease Specialist.

CDC believed this is the case because you have to remove your mask to eat and drink.

“It should certainly make us more careful. I certainly favor drive-up service since the beginning of the pandemic,” said Threlkeld.

Options are available if you don’t feel comfortable dining-in just yet.

“They are doing uber eats, you can pick it up, just cooking at home,” said Neely.