Is it safe for your children to play outside?

WATCH: Is it safe for kids to play outside?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With the kids on spring break and most schools have announced the closures even beyond that, a lot of parents want to send their kids outside to play.

But is it safe for your children to play with others?

The infectious disease specialist FOX13’s Leah Jordan spoke with, said, that could change day by day.

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Parents and grandparents try to keep the kids entertained and safe.

“Trying to,” said Rod Williams. “Got hand sanitizer. Trying to do it real often around here.”

But, is hand-sanitizer enough?

“It's not ok if the kid down the block has the covid infection right,” Williams said. “It’s very hard to know.”

Dr. Stephen Threlkeld is an infectious disease specialist with Baptist.

He said right now, experts have not seen a lot of community transmission of coronavirus, so there may not be any harm in kids playing together.

But that may or may not be the case moving forward.

“It may be that today’s advice on that won’t be the same two weeks from now,” he said. “I will say this though if we see more and more community transmission it will be more and more of an issue. So, that is a tremendously moving target.”

The best advice for parents is to keep an eye on local cases and if there seems to be any rise in numbers, act accordingly.

“If I learn it's spreading more and more, then I definitely wouldn’t bring him out at all,” Williams said. “I only came out today because I didn’t think there was hardly anybody here. If there was a larger group, I wouldn’t have him here.”

Dr. Threlkeld said right now there isn’t proof of community transmission that has happened in Shelby County.

But new tests are being sent off daily and new data will give us a better snapshot of what will or could happen in the community.