‘It should include references to satan’: Satanists threaten lawsuit on Mississippi’s flag designs

MISSISSIPPI — Mississippi’s effort to change the state flag is getting push back Satanists.

The satanic temple is threatening a lawsuit against the state of Mississippi after legislators called for the words “in god we trust” on any new flag design.

Ole Miss law student Ethan Booker said as soon as the legislature decided to put “in god we trust” on the state flag, whatever design that maybe, that there was going to be another flag fight.

“I figured there would be opposition because you know some people may see it as taking sides being religious people or non-religious people,” said Booker.

The requirement to include the words were apart of what the legislation approved recently to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the state flag.

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In a letter to Mississippi’s attorney general, attorneys for the satanic temple argue if the flag is going to have a religious phrase, “it should include references to satan.”

“From my understanding, I feel like their argument is that the confederate battle flag was a divisive symbol and the state of Mississippi has switched it out for a divisive phrase,” said Booker.

He said while the satanic temple may sue, he does not think they will win, because the use of the phrase in god we trust has been upheld by the supreme court on several occasions.

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“What it boils down to is that Mississippi will probably make the argument that in god we trust is our motto and it is on the state seal and it of a historical and cultural significance more than it is of a religious significance,” said Booker.

In the letter from their attorney, the satanic temple argues their seven tenets are “more consistent with Mississippian values than even the ten commandments.”