‘It was like something in the movies’: Video shows interstate shooting arrests

BATESVILLE, Miss. — The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation has taken over the investigation into a shooting on Interstate 55 in Mississippi Thursday.

Officers took 24 people into custody, including Memphis-based rapper “Big Boogie.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Memphis rapper among 20+ arrested following Mississippi interstate shooting, police say

One woman who videotaped the arrest of 24 people spoke to FOX13.

Edith Aaron said she was just out taking care of her daily business when all of a sudden, she found herself caught up at the end of a high-speed chase.

Aaron recorded all of it. She said it’s something she never expected.

Aaron said she was just out gathering supplies and talking to clients for her bakery when law enforcement sped past her on I-55. She said she also saw officers removing spike strips from the road.

“We got on down to Batesville to get off on the exit, and it was lit up, and it was like a sea of blue because there were police officers everywhere and there were a lot of blue lights, and people were being pulled out of cars, and they were putting them on the ground,” Aaron said.

Aaron kept her camera on the scene for more than thirty minutes and said she had never seen anything like it.

“I was fine until I saw the guns,” she said. “They pulled out the guns, and I was like, whoa girl, duck down. It was crazy. It was like something in the movies. It really was. I told my husband I wanted to get out and see what was going on, and he was like, no, that’s their business.”

Aaron said law enforcement handled the situation very professionally, but what she saw made her fearful of getting on the interstate.

“It does, but I have been leery anyhow,” she said. “You just don’t know what you are going to get nowadays. People are crazy. They are just plain crazy.”

Investigators continue to interview people in the case. They were interviewing until 11:00 Thursday night and were back interviewing again Friday morning and into the afternoon.

The shooting started somewhere near the Coldwater exit on I-55 South Thursday afternoon.

FOX13 talked to people who live and work in the area. They say they did not hear any shots. Law enforcement said the victim’s car had the back windows shot out.

They say the driver stopped to ask for help near the entrance of a Huddle House parking lot in Senatobia.

A woman who works at the Huddle House who didn’t want to go on camera said she saw all the commotion that followed as law enforcement arrived.

After the shooting, police said they took Memphis rapper “Big Boogie” and his entourage into custody at Highway 6 and Interstate 55.

All of the cars involved were taken to the MBI Crime Lab in Batesville to be processed.

Investigators said all the cars in “Big Boogie’s” entourage were rentals.