‘It’s not fair’: Mom speaks out after son shot twice in head outside Memphis health clinic

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police are investigating after a person was critically shot outside the Shelby County Health Department’s Cawthon Health Clinic in Orange Mound on Wednesday morning.

Latrice Bankston identified the 18-year-old victim as her son, LaTayvon Bankston.

“I don’t know what it is with these young boys and these guns but they need to put them down,” she said. “It’s not fair, it’s not right.”

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Bankston said that she and her loved ones should have been at home enjoying Thanksgiving on Thursday. Instead, they spent the day at Regional One, praying for the victim’s survival.

“Be strong. Fight. Don’t worry about nothing,” Banskton recalled telling her son at his hospital bed. “I’m just telling him he is going to make it through this.”

The Memphis Police Department released a video of the shooting, which shows two shooters lean out of a silver Infiniti and open fire.

Bankston said that her son was shot twice in the head and once in the arm while sitting outside the clinic.

“My baby, he deserves another chance and that’s why I believe God’s got him in there fighting right now,” she said. “He didn’t know what was going on. He didn’t see this coming.”

Bankston told FOX13 that her son had just gotten out of a CT scan on Thursday afternoon.

She said that he just graduated high school in spring and had recently started a new job at UPS.

“My son is a lovable young man, a respectable young man,” Bankston said. “I can’t lose him to the streets like that. I refuse to say y’all did that. No, he’s fighting.”

The victim’s sister, Tracy Bankston, called LaTayvon her best friend. She said she had been thinking of childhood memories of the two riding bicycles around their neighborhood, all while waiting for updates about his condition.

“All I’ve got is him, my little sisters and my mama,” Tracy Bankston said. “I don’t have anybody else and I need my brother. That’s the only person I’ve got.”

“He’s going to make it,” he mother assured her. “He’s going to make it.”

The Bankstons said that they have been praying for Latayvon’s recovery and for the shooters to be brought to justice.

“They need to be behind bars,” Latrice Bankston said. “They should have been behind bars.”

Bankston remains in critical condition. MPD urges anyone with information to reach out to Crimestoppers at www.crimestopmem.org or 901-528-CASH.