‘It’s sad’: Scammers pose as Mid-South pastor on Cash App

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South pastor said he has discovered at least three scammers using his name and photo to solicit donations on Cash App.

“It’s sad that people not only use me but even just the church to defraud individuals,” said Rev. Bartholomew Orr, the senior pastor at Brown Missionary Baptist Church.

He said it all started during his birthday month of June when members of the clergy tried to send him birthday gifts via Cash App.

“I discovered that someone had created what looked like was the exact same cash tag as mine,” Rev. Orr said. “It just had a little green symbol, making it seem authentic. And they were actually receiving gifts from people.”

He told FOX13 that he immediately contacted Cash App to try and remove the accounts stealing his likeness, but that in two months, nothing has been done. He suspects members of the clergy have lost hundreds of dollars to scammers.

“Yesterday, I was preaching in a church in Memphis, and someone said, ‘Pastor, I just cashed you. Did you receive it?’” he recalled. “And I’m like, ‘No, I didn’t receive it. And sure enough, it was a fake account.”

Many of the accounts look extremely similar to the reverend’s account. One handle uses a capital ‘i’ that appears to make up the ‘l’ in Bartholomew.

“Get a job,” he told the scammers. “It’s wrong. You shouldn’t do it. You wouldn’t want anyone to take from you and to steal from your family.

Be safe on Cash App

  • When using the app to send money, triple check that the $Cashtag (or account) of the person is correct.
  • Only send payments to people you know and trust.
  • Don’t send payments for a promise of a future service.
  • Report a scam by tapping a profile icon, then tapping support, then “report a payment issue.”