It’s Tree Time! Mid-South families start planning for Christmas on Thanksgiving

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For David Topp and his family of four, this was the first Thanksgiving in their new home.

“We had Thanksgiving with the family, we hosted it this year, and kicked everybody out cause we were like ‘it’s time to buy our tree’,” said Topp.

That process of selecting the perfect tree is left up to the two decision-makers – their 7-year-old twins.

He says it’s a tradition they started about three or four years ago, but it’s one they appreciate as their two sons continue to grow.

“It’s just family time. We work crazy hours, they’re in school, they’re in sports, it’s a time we can go out and it’s just us. It’s a good time, it’s enjoyable, it’s just been a thing that we decide to do every year.”

Topp says they chose Priddy Farms because it’s local, but it’s the people that keep them coming back every Thanksgiving.

“We enjoy coming out here, the guys they got out here working work hard, set you upright, just a great group of people,” he said.

The Topp family says they normally wait about a week for the tree to get settled, and then they go ahead with decorating and making ornaments out of the portion of the tree stump that was trimmed off.