As jobs explode across country, employers are scrambling to fill positions

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A recent nationwide jobs report shows new jobs are exploding across the country, and employers are scrambling to fill positions.

It is good news for people looking for work. But it’s becoming an unprecedented challenge for employers at Youth Villages in Memphis, who are in need of more help.

“That has been a challenge for us, much as it has been for other organizations in this area,” Youth Villages executive director Nicole Fannin said.

Fannin said the organization is looking to fill close to 200 positions this summer.

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She said they’ve put a lot of virus precautions into place to ensure the safety of employees and the children the organization serves.

“The facilities are incredibly safe. We’re offering PPE to all our staff. We have cleaning crews that are regularly coming in,” Fannin said.

The nationwide jobs report said in April, employers were trying to fill a record 9.3 million jobs, far outdistancing previous months.

Locally, Apryl Childs-Potter with Greater Memphis Chamber said the job market is in good shape.

“We’ve recovered about 74 percent of the jobs that we lost in the height of the pandemic in March and in April, so that trajectory is going in the right direction,” she said

Childs-Potter said some employers have raised wages to attract more workers.

As more people get vaccinated, she expects more people will return to work.

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“We anticipate some of that will level off as the summer continues, and some of the stimulus packages and additional benefits begin to taper off. I think we’ll see a stronger return to the workforce,” Childs-Potter said.

The Memphis Chamber said the tourism and hospitality industry is also seeing a huge comeback.

Almost 5,000 hospitality jobs have been added since January.

If you’re interested in working for the Youth Villages, the organization is hosting job fairs on June 22 and July 20.

You can find more information and apply here.