Jonesboro tornado labled as an EF-3, NWS says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Monday morning, the National Weather Service in Memphis rated the Jonesboro tornado an EF 3.

Terrifying video was captured by the storm as it ripped through the city with winds up to 140 miles per hour.

The city’s airport, homes and several businesses sustained extensive damage.

FOX13′s Meteorologist Elisabeth D’Amore followed the path of the storm.

The Memphis National Weather Service found that this storm produced two tornadoes in their coverage area.

It also produced a tornado west of Poinsett County, which is covered by the Little Rock office.

That warning prompted FOX13′s Meteorologist Yasser Kishk to cut in on tv.

It lifted at the Poinsett County line before touching down in Jonesboro and quickly intensifying into an EF-3.

Another touch down happened east of Paragould, which was rated an EF-1.

The EF-3 was measured at 12.5 miles long and 0.3 miles wide, beginning near I-555, in the heart of Jonesboro, moving northeast and then lifting north of the community of Brookland.

For some perspective, if you draw a line from the FedEx Forum and go east 12.5 miles, that is all the way to Shelby Farms.

Amazingly, only 22 injuries were reported, which was mostly due to COVID-19 shutting down many businesses and restaurants.

It’s a good time to remind you at home how important it is to have two ways to get severe weather watches and warnings.

Our FOX13 weather mobile app and a NOAA weather radio are two great options.