Joris Ray could receive more money for services to MSCS outside of severance pay

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — FOX13 is digging deeper into the severance agreement between Dr. Joris Ray and Memphis-Shelby County Schools (MSCS).

Ray stepped down as MSCS Superintendent this week following an investigation into allegations of impropriety.

In July, MSCS held an emergency executive session after divorce documents revealed Ray allegedly had extramarital affairs with possible former and current school district employees.

Why is Dr. Joris Ray leaving Memphis-Shelby County Schools with $480K?

As a result of the July meeting, Ray was placed on paid administrative leave while two independent attorneys, former U.S. Attorney Edward Stanton and former MLGW counsel Herman Morris, investigated the allegations against him.

The investigation, which was never completed, cost $19,000, according to data given at the press conference immediately following Ray’s resignation.

In accepting his resignation, the school board and their attorney cited section 14 of Ray’s employment contract. It deals with how either side can end that contract and what Ray is owed or not owed depending on how the separation happens.

Ray will be granted a severance package worth approximately $480,000, paid in a lump sum.

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FOX13 learned Ray will receive even more money, according to the agreement.

The agreement requires him to help the board for the next year with succession planning and help transitioning a new superintendent into the job.

He will receive an hourly rate for his services.

According to Zip Recruiter, the national average pay for an education consultant is $32 an hour. In Tennessee, the average is $32.

Sources told FOX13 Ray’s hourly pay could be significantly higher due to him being the former superintendent.

FOX13 has reached out to MSCS to confirm the hourly rate.

After his resignation date, he will have no official title and will not be considered an employee by the MSCS board, per the agreement.