Judge sentences Tipton County man to federal prison

MEMPHIS, TENN — A Tipton County man has been sentenced to federal prison.

A federal judge announced that Danny Muex will spend 40 months in a federal prison after a conviction of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

The conviction follows Muex’s February 2019 arrest, when officers reported to gunshots near Covington and began pursuing Muex in a white Ford Mustang.

After a chase, the Mustang crashed and police say they witnessed Muex exit the Mustang with a gun in his right hand while fleeing on foot.

Officers captured Muex, who was currently on probation from a Florida felony conviction, and found a loaded Bersa .380 caliber firearm underneath an officer’s vehicle before conducting a search of the Mustang where police found 38 rounds of .380 ammunition and one round of 300 blackout ammunition.

Muex’s arrest is part of Operation Crime Driver, an effort by law enforcement to track down violent criminal offenders in Tipton County.