Keeping your home free of snakes and other unwanted critters

WATCH: Keeping your home free of snakes and other unwanted critters

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — If you have a snake phobia you are not alone.  It’s the second most common phobia in the world.

One-third of us have an intense fear of snakes.

It’s one thing to see them at the Herpatarium at the Memphis Zoo, but quite another to have them inside your house.

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FOX13 spoke with Dan Morgan of Animal Pros. He is a Tennessee Wildlife Specialist.

Morgan dedicated his career to helping residents and businesses deal with rats, mice, snakes, squirrels, and raccoons.  

He walked around a house in Collierville to explain what we need to know about any critters who may make their way into your home.

“If you look right here where the foam once was, around this pipe, rodents will chew that and gain access to the wall and they’ll shoot up your attic and in doing so guess what? A snake will follow their trail and go right with them," said Morgan. "It’s his food source and he’s going after it.”

Morgan said he has seen it all - snakes, rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons - any kind of animal you expect to see in nature, he’s seen inside people’s homes.  

“You don’t want piles of anything there around your house. If you’ve got shingles, if you’ve got a woodpile, you don’t want it right up against your house cause that against your house is a natural habitat for rodents and insects and if you’ve got those you’ve got snakes,” he said.

Morgan says snakes only go inside for food or shelter and once they are inside they will stay if they find food. He suggests walking around the outside of your house with an expert then taking them inside to any attic spaces along with all crawl spaces. Look for holes around your garage door, doors, and windows. A mouse can sneak inside through the tiniest of holes and if you have mice, you’ll eventually get snakes, Morgan said.