Kroger’s Delta Division Distribution Center on hold after employee tests positive for COVID-19

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Update (3/29/20) A Kroger spokesperson set FOX13 the following statement:

We are receiving unprecedented amounts of products for our stores. Our distribution center associates are working as fast as possible to unload products and ship those products to the stores for our customers. Our stores are looking better and inventory is improving.

Two days after FOX13 learned a Kroger Distribution employee tested positive for COVID-19, truck drivers said they’re having issues getting in to make deliveries.

Thursday evening Kroger confirmed a worker tested positive for COVID-19, but that worker hasn’t been in the center since last Saturday.

“The safety of our associates and customers is our top priority. The distribution center has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized," a spokesperson told FOX13.

Anderson Fullilove Jr. told FOX13, “They was just trying to get some trucks in, something about a worker come over with coronavirus. So, they had to shut it down and clean it, but then it was the same thing last week”.

Anderson Fullilove Jr. was one of many truck drivers frustrated Saturday at the Kroger distribution center.

He said the center was shut down for cleaning after an employee tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday.

Fullilove, who arrived Friday for a night delivery, said backed up loads were also an issue last week. He said he sat in the parking lot for two days with a truckload of toilet paper.

"These trucks are moving and these trucks are moving at a pretty good rate to try to bring this stuff to the city and they get over here and sit two and three days, said Fullilove, “For this to be a big distribution they should have been prepared for this”.

Chris Fruhling, who works for a small trucking company in Cincinnati got in town Friday as well.

“This 24-hour delay, even though it is the weekend, is going to cost approximately $1,500 because the load I was scheduled to pick up after this one, I had to cancel," said Fruhling.

Fullilove said he believes they don’t have enough equipment or workers and it’s taking a toll on truckers.

“You got a lot of people that runs in and out of here that lives in this city and for them to spend their whole weekend trying to get a load off when they need to be at home recouping for next week to actually bring some back to the city,” said Fullilove.

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