Lane re-configurations proposed for 6 Memphis city streets

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis city leaders are talking about possible redesigns for six Memphis streets. Some say what the city wants to do could make their commute more stressful.

The city’s bike and pedestrian manager is considering adding bike lanes. It’s something drivers say could cause more than just traffic problems.

“All due respect, you don’t want nobody to get hit by a car or something like that, because they can’t see the bike lane,” Memphis driver Hollins Brown told FOX13.

The bike and pedestrian manager is proposing more than just bicycle lanes. He wants to reduce the number of existing lanes for cars.

The Lane Re-Configurations are proposed for the following streets:

Coleman Road (Yale Road to Stage Road)

Kansas Street (1st Street to the I-55 Overpass)

Knight Arnold Road (Ashwood Road to Goodlett Road)

Mendenhall Road (McCrory Avenue to Summer Avenue)

Scheibler Road (Yale Road to Olds Avenue)

Whitney Road (Millington Road to Watkins Street)

Right now, most of those roads have four lanes of travel. The goal is to convert those streets with a center two-way turn lane and one travel lane each direction as well as adding parking lanes.

“Being here from California, we do have those, and it does make a big difference being here. This is a busy area from what I see here in Memphis,” Christina Uta said.

According to the city, three lanes are a lot safer than four and reduces the number of crashes. They also said the six streets they’re looking into are not high-volume areas and should not create problems.

The public is invited to offer their feedback about those six Memphis streets.

The meeting is Thursday at 6 p.m. at Benjamin Hooks Library.