Lawyer for man who was served chemicals at Cracker Barrel speaks with FOX13

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Man Served Chemical Water at Cracker Barrel: Memphis Lawyer Handling Case Talks to FOX13

By Lakiya Scott

FOX13 has learned the attorney for the man who was served cleaning solution instead of water at a Tennessee Cracker Barrel resides in Memphis.

In a sit-down interview we spoke with Attorney Thomas Greer of Thomas & Greer PLLC. Greer tells us his client, 60-year-old William Cronnon, still struggles with physical pain, and could battle these issues for the rest of his life.

“He had never had any gastrointestinal problems,” Greer said, “he gets served this chemical at Cracker Barrel and since then he’s had daily gastrointestinal issues so he’s had reflux when he eats, he has bloating cramping, diarrhea.”

This follows Cronnon’s visit to a Cracker Barrel in Marion County, Tennessee 8 years ago. Attorney Greer tells us Cronnon asked for water, but got water with a cleaning chemical inside of it.

“At the end of every night shift what the servers at Cracker Barrel are trained to do is unscrew these little parts from a soda fountain machine, put them in the pitcher along with the other parts and combine that with a mixture of water and EcoSan and commercial grade bleach,” said Greer.

A jury awarded Cronnon $9.4 million dollars. It took less than 30 minutes for the jury to make that decision. Greer tells us he expects the restaurant to file a motion for a new trial.

“Cracker Barrel saying they disagree with it just tells me they just still don’t get it, they still don’t understand what happened and how this dangerous this was.”

Although the jury awarded Cronnon millions of dollars, we are learning he will likely not get the full $9.4 million dollar award. A Tennessee law caps how much can be awarded in such a case.

Meanwhile, Greer tells FOX13 he has high expectations for the outcome of the case.

“Federal law says you’re never to put chemicals in an unmarked container in a restaurant,” Greer said, “we expect to win this case we won it fair and square in trial the jury returned a fair and just verdict.

Cracker Barrel released a statement saying its policy “has been, and continues to be, to never put chemicals in any unmarked containers.” Although it’s been a long 8-year wait, Attorney Greer tells us the legal process could take as long as another 2 years due to pushback from Cracker Barrel.