Level Up: Porter-Leath Academy prepares parents and children for higher learning

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Being a good parent doesn’t come with just having a child. In Memphis, moms and dads are learning the fundamentals of good parenting at Porter-Leath agency.

Porter-Leath Early Childhood Academy effectively introduces letters, words speaking to children during the first three years of life; even if they come from homes where there are no books.

Krystal Taylor works in the homeroom down the hall from her two-year-old son.

“When you involve parents... you meeting everybody’s needs.” Taylor told FOX13.

This homeroom serves as the parent center.

“We want to make that home school connection where they feel safe. We have a lot of parents who didn’t have a good experience in school and now they have children,” said Deaunn Stovall, the social emotional learning manager at Porter-Leath.

The room is filled with everything parents need to continue building children into smart students using the read, play, touch method as the building blocks.

It would seem like it’s not important, but “read, play, touch” is actually one of the fundamental building blocks of preparing your children to be great learners, great adults.

“For example, some parents don’t have books at home to read to their children,” Taylor said.

Books are everywhere at Porter-Leath. Computers are also available in the Parent Center for browsing the internet.

Job number one for parents in this center is learning to connect with their children.

“I have learned that language is important when working with my son. I have learned that writing is important to my 2-year-old son, that math is important to my son.”

Parents have homework.

After a long frustrating day at work, they must: Stop. Listen. Pause then Respond to their children.. every night.

For more information about Porter-Leath Early Childhood Academy’s programs click here: https://www.porterleath.org/preschool.