Level Up: Southwest students hired on the spot after completing medical device program

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Chamber of Commerce Job Fair October 2019, promised on the spot hiring. Smith & Nephew followed through.

They hired two Memphis men who are now part of the team that will get the artificial joint to market.

Both hires got a head start through a program at Southwest Tennessee Community College.

“We are teaching these students every skill set they need to be able to get an entry level job into this field,” said Belinda Looney with Southwest Tennessee Community College.

Basically, the “Medical Device Finishing” program at Southwest mirrors the actual entry level jobs at Smith Nephew. Students are taught the basics of joint finishing along with safety rules.

“When I first started paying attention to the metal joints and I realized that they go in somebody’s body I had to take it a lot more serious,” said Miles Matthews, an SWTCC student.

These two Southwest students were hired on the spot after just one semester in that same program.

They know and their boss knows, they have a lot to learn.

Smith & Nephew took a chance and now these two students are now employed.

In addition to their salaries, health care and other benefits, both new hires are already eligible for bonus pay

“Fresh young people wanting to work. We had to. We went out, we interviewed a couple of them and here they are,” said Darrion Estes with Smith & Nephew.

If you are interested in this class at Southwest visit http://www.southwest.tn.edu/medical-device/

Registration is now open for the spring 2020 semester.