‘Light, gas and robbery’: Memphis woman upset by out-of-pocket costs MLGW requires for repairs

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This story was edited to update the phone number for the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

A Memphis woman said she does not have the money to make repairs that MLGW requires to restore power to her home.

“I don’t have any money. How can I get this fixed?” said Donna Wrenthrop.

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The homeowner said her neighbor’s tree fell onto her home, ripping off the weather head. MLGW requires homeowners to make certain electrical repairs before the utility can restore power.

“Light, gas and robbery … they’re not going to fix this. It’s out of my pocket … and it’s not my fault,” said Wrenthrop.

She said she has homeowner’s insurance but fears her insurance premium will increase if she submits a claim.

Wednesday, MLGW said they expect to have the number of customers affected by outages under 25,000. That number sat at 46,000 Tuesday.

MLGW acknowledged there may still be downed powerlines in some areas of the city.

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“When a line is down, we don’t ask anyone to try to determine whether it’s live or not. Treat it as if it is live,” MLGW CEO J.T. Young said.

MLGW said customers can request help with some repairs by calling the Crisis Cleanup Hotline at 901-430-0995.

The Department of Human Services said those who receive SNAP benefits can request food lost by the storm be replaced by calling 866-311-4287.