TIMELINE: Mid-South coronavirus updates April 25

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The impact of the novel coronavirus is being felt all across the Mid-South where new cases are being announced every day and new steps are being taken to help limit the spread. Keep checking back for the latest COVID-19 updates throughout the day.

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Below are the latest updates for Saturday, April 25, 2020:

UPDATE: (8:39 p.m.) Arkansas health officials report 2,909 cases of COVID-19 this evening.

There have been 48 deaths in the state and 985 recoveries.

In Crittenden County County, 169 people have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Five people have died in Crittenden County due to the virus. 82 people have recovered.

UPDATE: (3:30 p.m.) Another MATA employee has tested positive for COVID-19, according to officials.

The employee is a trolley driver who last worked April 20.

UPDATE: (2:00 p.m.) The state health department of Tennessee reports 9,189 positive coronavirus cases with 178 deaths.

There have been 4,467 people recovered.

UPDATE: (1:30 p.m.) Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson gave his coronavirus update Saturday afternoon.

Arkansas reports 2,830 cases and 104 hospitalizations. 43 of the cases are at the Cummins Unit.

There are 22 ventilated and 29 deaths, plus 970 recovered.

826 inmates have tested positive in the Cummins Unit.

The governor announced there will be no graduations for high schools before July 1.

The state will revisit the graduations prior to July 1 to see if they can hold one.

The department of education is taking proposals of alternatives to graduations from schools that could include virtual or digital graduations.

UPDATE: (12:35 p.m.) Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee visited the Christ Community Health Services testing site Saturday.

Governor Bill Lee visits a COVID-19 testing site in Memphis.
Governor Bill Lee visits a COVID-19 testing site in Memphis. (WHBQ)
Governor Bill Lee visits a COVID-19 testing site in Memphis.
Governor Bill Lee visits a COVID-19 testing site in Memphis. (WHBQ)

UPDATE: (10:10 a.m.) The Mississippi Department of Health indicates there are 5,718 cases of the coronavirus in the state and 221 deaths.

UPDATE: (10:00 a.m.) Shelby County has surpassed 2,000 cases of COVID-19 with 2,038 total cases and has 44 deaths.

Tipton County has 88 cases, DeSoto County has 256 and Crittenden County has 167.

UPDATE: (9:15 a.m.) The Arkansas Department of Health said there are 2,829 cases of COVID-19 in the state.

There are still 47 deaths and 964 recoveries.

UPDATE: (6:15 a.m.) FOX13 has a complete breakdown of the coronavirus numbers.

The global number of cases has surpassed 2.8 million people with over 197,000 deaths and over 796,000 patients who have recovered.

The U.S. topped over 905,000 cases Saturday morning with over 99,000 patients recovered and over 51,000 deaths. The U.S. has tested 4.9 million people.

Arkansas has over 2,800 cases, 47 deaths and 964 patients who have recovered.

Mississippi has over 5,400 cases of the coronavirus and 209 deaths.

There are over 8,700 cases in Tennessee with 168 deaths.

Shelby County has about 2,000 cases of the coronavirus with 43 deaths and 956 recovered.