TIMELINE: Mid-South coronavirus updates April 5

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The impact of the novel coronavirus is being felt all across the Mid-South where new cases are being announced every day and new steps are being taken to help limit the spread. Keep checking back for the latest COVID-19 updates throughout the day.

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Below are the latest updates for Sunday, April 5

UPDATE: (8:25 p.m.) FedEx flew some pilots back to the United States after they received inconclusive test results for COVID-19.

The pilots were removed from service and are self-isolating while follow-up testing and evaluation is being performed, according to FedEx.


UPDATE: (7:55 p.m.) The Arkansas Department of Health released their updated their COVID-19 cases.

As of April 4, 2020, there are 830 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state.

UPDATE: (2:00 p.m.) The Tennessee Department of Health announced there 3,633 cases of the coronavirus and 44 deaths.

UPDATE: (1:30 p.m.) Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson gave his daily press briefing of the COVID-19 response.

There are 837 cases of COVID-19 with 14 of the cases in the Forrest City Federal Correctional Institute.

67 people are hospitalized.

The state health department has called the CDC for help in the testing at the federal facility.

There has been a COVID-19 relief fund set up for those who have lost their jobs and businesses.

UPDATE: (1:15 p.m.) The Congression Delegation for Arkansas requests for increased National Guard authority and funding.

“While the Arkansas National Guard has been able to answer all Requests for Assistance to date, further funding will be necessary to support continued widespread taskings that are expected as patient numbers begin to exceed hospital space,” members wrote in the letter.

The Governor asked:

  • Emergency Medical Care: Arkansas National Guard qualified military medics to support COVID-19, drive-thru testing.
  • Emergency Medical Care: Arkansas National Guard medical personnel to provide technical assistance to the Arkansas Department of Health phone center to advise Arkansans on COVID-19;
  • Emergency Medical Care: Arkansas National Guard personnel to assist the Arkansas Department of Health with an immediate re-write of quarantine, isolation, and expanded medical facility build out.
  • Emergency Medical Care/Management Control: Arkansas National Guard personnel with Engineering Degrees to assist the United States Army Corps of Engineers in conducting assessments for sites selected as quarantine, isolation, and expanded medical facility build out.
  • Management, Control: Arkansas National Guard personnel to assist the Arkansas Department of Health’s Emergency Operations Center to provide logistical support of tracking and delivering needed Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Management Control: Arkansas National Guard personnel working in the Arkansas National Guard Joint Operations Center to track Arkansas National Guard missions, personnel, equipment, and providing predictive analysis to the Arkansas Division of Emergency Management and Arkansas Department of Health.

UPDATE: (12:20 p.m.) A local Starbucks surprised staff at St. Francis with a bunch of snacks Saturday.

FOX13 was given permission to use this post and photos.

UPDATE: (10:30 a.m.) The Shelby County Health Department released a new health directive as the number of cases in the county continues to increase.

The directive said:

Due to how the directive was sent, we could not copy and paste.

UPDATE: (10:00 a.m.) The Mississippi Department of Health said there are 187 new cases of the coronavirus from yesterday.

This brings the total to 1,638 and 43 deaths.

UPDATE: (9:45 a.m.) The first load of modified ventilators is headed back to the Mississippi State Department of Health for distribution. Mississippi State University is modifying 500 ventilators to help the COVID-19 fight.

UPDATE: (9:10 a.m.) The Arkansas Department of Health says there are 819 cases of COVID-19 in the state.

The state has tested over 11,000 people and 96 have recovered.

UPDATE: (9:00 a.m.) Second Presbyterian Church of Memphis was called upon by Baptist after they found masks whose straps had dry rotted.

The church has made numerous masks over a week ago for anyone who wanted them.

“We have a sweet story Monday that I wanted you to know about. Baptist has 30k N95s they had in storage and the straps were dry rotted. Because of your story, they reached out to us and we are fixing all of them this weekend and returning Monday," said Ginna Rauls, organizer. “15 team leaders picked up Friday and distributed all over the city to hand and machine sewers and they are sewing all weekend.”

"Monday they return the boxes and Baptist Hospital picks them up to use in waiting rooms and for visitors. It’s truly amazing. Memphis is showing up BIG TIME.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Church group makes masks for local healthcare workers

UPDATE: (8:45 p.m.) The city of Memphis says there are now 754 cases of COVID-19 in Shelby County.

There has also been one additional death, totaling 11.

Visit the city’s website to report price gouging and more coronavirus updates.

UPDATE: (6:40 a.m.) Feed the Front Lines, Memphis will make its first delivery of 100 meals to nurses and doctors working the night shift at Baptist Memorial today.

Rizzo’s Diner, which closed its door in response to the “Safer at Home” order, will be the first of many restaurants to prepare and deliver meals for our nurses and doctors on the front lines of this global pandemic.

In less than 72 hours, Feed the Front Lines, Memphis’ volunteer effort raised more than $7,000 to pay local restaurants to feed our medical community.

The second delivery is still being coordinated.

"We know they [local restaurants] are hurting right now and whatever we can do to help them, we're going to do it,” said Kelsey Lawrence, Feed the Front Lines, Memphis organizer. “We also felt moved to do something that would help our medical community and show them that they are in our hearts and on our minds as they fight this invisible war every day.”

Our first delivery this weekend was made possible by the Memphis community’s generous donations and the logistical help of our nonprofit partners, Caritas Village and Mid-South Food Bank, and several volunteers.

"If we can deliver 100 meals for every hospital night shift, that would be amazing,” said organizer Caroline Norris. “That is money that we can put back into the economy and keep these small businesses operating.”

UPDATE: (6:10 a.m.) We have your Mid-South updates this Sunday morning.

As of right now, the number of cases worldwide is over 1.2 million people, over 65,000 deaths and over 252,000 people recovered.

The number of cases in the U.S. continues to rise with over 312,000 cases, over 8,500 deaths and over 15,000 people recovered.

The state of Arkansas has over 740 cases, 14 deaths and 80 recovered.

Mississippi has over 1,400 cases and 35 deaths.

Tennessee has over 3,300 confirmed cases, 43 deaths and over 400 recovered.

Shelby County has over 700 cases and 10 deaths.

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