LIVE UPDATES: Protestors march back to the original meeting point as curfew goes into effect

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — UPDATE: (10:15 p.m.)

The peaceful protests have concluded in Memphis. Only a handful of people remain at the 'I Am a Man' Plaza.

UPDATE: (9:59 p.m.)

Protestors marching back to the original meeting point as 10 p.m. goes into effect. Organizers say they were given permission to walk back to the starting locations after curfew.

UPDATE: (9:38 p.m.)

One of the organizers Devante Hill spoke to FOX13. The group is also continuing back to where they originally met.

UPDATE: (9:15 p.m.)

UPDATE: (9:05 p.m.)

FOX13 is with the protests and we are now seeing the most law enforcement during the march so far tonight. When things almost got intense, other protesters chanted “Stay focused” and then everyone kept moving.

UPDATE: (8:55 p.m.) Protesters chant “Let them go” as they move past 201 Poplar.

UPDATE: (8:50 p.m.) Protesters are moving toward 201 Poplar.

UPDATE: (8:10 p.m.) Protestors continue to chant “I can’t breathe.”

UPDATE: (8:05 p.m.) The Tennessee National Guard has made their staging area near Bass Pro.

UPDATE: (7:52 p.m.) Protestors remain peaceful as they continue to walk in the streets of Memphis.

Memphis Police remain near and close to their cars.

UPDATE: (7:45 p.m.) The left lane of the I-40 bridge is blocked going east into Memphis, TDOT cameras are showing.

UPDATE: (7:35 p.m.) Protestors have started down MLK Blvd.

Evening rush hour complicated by “mobile protest” against the death of George Floyd.

UPDATE: (7:30 p.m.) To watching our live feed, visit our website.

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UPDATE: (7:25 p.m.) Protestors have blocked the I-40 bridge for an apparent rolling bridge blockade.

Protestors at the I Am a Man Plaza said it is better to work together and not apart.

UPDATE: (7:20 p.m.) FOX13 has started a gallery of photos for the sixth night of protests.

PHOTOS: Memphis Protesters gathering for the sixth night in response to George Floyd’s death

UPDATE: (7:15 p.m.) Protestors have joined together.

The group takes a knee for 9 minutes in silence to represent the 9 minutes #GeorgeFloyd was on the ground with a knee on his neck.

Another group of protestors showed up. They were telling the crowd “if you’re against the police, come with us... the Memphis Police Department is a gang.”

UPDATE: (7:00 p.m.)Protestors have gathered at the I Am a Man Plaza and their common goal, "Our message is crystal clear - we come in peace!”

UPDATE: (6:50 p.m.) Protestors have begun to gather across Memphis for the sixth night in a row.