Local agencies investigating viral post of man claiming to have coronavirus

WATCH: Man posts to social media claiming he is trying to spread COVID-19

TENNESSEE — If you recently scrolled through social media you might have come across a disturbing post from a man who claimed he has the coronavirus. The video also showed the man sneezing on people to spread the disease.

The Tipton County Sheriff’s Office, Covington Police and other agencies are investigating this post.

District Attorney Mark Davidson said if the man is telling the truth he could face state terrorism charges and could face prison time for up to 25 years.

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Davidson said the man could also face harassment charges for posting on social media.

In the post, the man claimed he has the coronavirus and wrote: “I am finally wanting to tell everyone because the death toll has not reached the limit of where it is supposed to be.”

“We have people taking advantage of this situation and trying to scare, annoy and harass people,” said District Attorney Mark Davidson.

The FBI is also aware of the post where the man claimed he sneezed on someone at the Walmart in Covington.

In the post the man wrote, “Help me spread this Virus Please it’s very important.”

“We are going to look at these things. People need to do the right thing,” said Davidson.

Investigators want to figure out if the man went to Walmart or other locations.

“If your intent is to alarm, annoy or scare people there are a lot of people paying attention out there who are taking it seriously and will report to the authorities and local law enforcement,” said Davidson.

Davidson also said it’s also possible that the man could be charged with harassment for each post. It’s something the District Attorney’s office will be looking into.

The investigation is ongoing.

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