Woman says a local bank gave her a fake $100 bill

WATCH: Woman says a local bank gave her a fake $100 bill

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — How would you feel if you took some cash out of your bank account, and then found out some of it was fake?

A Memphis woman told FOX13 Investigates that’s exactly what happened to her.

Flo Gibbs said every month, she withdrawals $3,000 from her sick mother’s account at Regions Bank.

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Gibbs then goes across the street to her bank, First Horizon, and deposits the cash into her personal account so she can take care of her mom.

But on Feb. 18, she didn’t expect to hear what the bank teller informed her.

“At that point, she says, ‘hey, Ms. Gibbs, this is a counterfeit bill,’” Gibbs said. “I was like, whoa, wait. I just literally just left Regions bank. And she said, ‘yeah, I can see., Because the envelope was sealed and everything.”

Of the $3,000 Gibbs withdrew, she said only the one bill was fake.

But Gibbs said what concerns her most is what she calls a lack of accountability from Regions.

When she went back to Regions to discuss the situation, Gibbs said she was told there was no management available for her to speak with.

“At one point in time, they actually had security come out to ask me to move out of the line,” Gibbs said. “I was a little upset about that. I said, ‘hey, I’m a customer like everyone else is. I’m not finished. This is fraud, this is a crime.’”

FOX13 Investigates reached out to Regions.

“Regions has numerous counterfeit detection measures in place, including extensive training for associates to look for signs of counterfeit currency and the use of cash counters equipped with the latest counterfeit bill identification software. We cannot speculate on any particular customer situation, but if a customer suspects they may have received a counterfeit bill, they should call us immediately at 1-800-734-4667 so we can investigate.”
A spokesperson said.

FOX13 Investigates also reached out to the Secret Service, where a few agents looked at the copy of Gibb’s counterfeit bill.

One suspected the bill was a quote "Chinese note."

A quick Google search showed how easy it is to get this fake money.

Bills that looked identical to Gibbs’ counterfeit bill—right down to the location of Chinese characters stamped on the bill—are available for sale online.

Secret Service agents said while it's illegal to print or use counterfeit cash in America, other countries don't have the same laws.

WATCH: Woman says a local bank gave her a fake $100 bill

Due to this, the fake bills can be smuggled in from abroad.

The Secret Service has tips for those on their website.

Counterfeit money is something buyers need to be on the lookout for.

Just last month, our affiliate station in Nashville reported that Regions allegedly gave customers a fake $20 bill.

As for Gibbs, she said she feels a general mistrust for banks now and advises everyone to look at their money before they leave a bank’s property.

“Professionally, I advocate for victims of crime,” Gibbs said. “I’m a trauma counselor. I was traumatized by this experience. I can’t trust my financial institution to not cheat me.”